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MGM Transformer Company joins Idea Connector Platform

MGM will deliver the latest product data electronically through this industry-approved master data management (MDM) platform.
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MGM meets the standards to qualify for all “Made-in America” statutes

MGM is the only manufacturer who can qualify for “Made-in- America” statutes for both Dry and Oil-Filled, Low and Medium Voltage transformers.
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Improvements To Packaging AA and AS Products

From now on, MGM Transformer palletizes all AS (Custom) orders, and will provide heavy duty carboard boxes to protect all AA and AS products.
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MGM Transformer has joined NAED

MGM Transformer has joined the National Association of Electrical Distributors (NAED).
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MGM Transformer can supply both oil-filled and dry-type transformers for projects requiring both.

MGM Transformer Company is one of only two companies in North America that can supply both oil-filled and dry-type substation transformers.
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MGM Transformer doubles the capacity of their facility in Mexico

With the expansion of MGM's transformer factory in Tijuana, Mexico, MGM will double the production of low voltage distribution transformers.
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