Bull Rush Program

Need a transformer fast, we can deliver. Emergencies happen and we’re here to respond. WE WILL WORK 24/7 till the emergency transformer is done or your money back*! Ask about our BULL RUSH emergency transformer program and let us know what you need. 


MGM Transformer Company is the largest transformer manufacturer in the western United States. We have a complete line of transformers available for immediate use and offer technical support 24 hours and 365 days a year.

Low Voltage in Stock Units (standard KVA and voltage configurations)

Same day shipment or will-call at one of our 20 nationwide warehouse locations.

Low Voltage Custom Units

Expedite in as little as 2 working days!

Dry Substation

Expedite in as little as 5 working days!

Liquid Substation

Expedite in as little as 15 working days!

*Amounts to be specified on the actual quote


When a transformer stops so does business so call us regardless of the type of transformer you are looking for so we can help get your lights back on!

We run all our processes internally and as such we are able to cut lead times from 12 week to as little as 3 days. Get ready to be shocked at what we CAN do.

Our staff can do a lot more:

  • Complete testing
  • Coil rewind
  • Failure analysis
  • Custom buss modification
  • Old unit disposal

MGM has a large inventory of standard and custom transformers so there’s a good chance likely we can loan you one while you’re waiting on your repair. Contact us for more info!



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