Featured Case Studies

At MGM, our mission is to deliver the highest quality
products with excellent service and support. Have a look at the following case studies!

MGM Transformer can supply both oil-filled and dry-type transformers for projects requiring both.

MGM Transformer Company is one of only two companies in North America that can supply both oil-filled and dry-type substation transformers. Often, when a project calls for units of each type, that places MGM in a position of strength relative to those who specialize in one type.

Simplex transformer

MGM Transformer gaining new customers: Simplex

MGM Transformer Company recently gained new customers by offering top engineering capabilities and custom made solutions which meet cost and margin goals.

MGM Transformer delivers large transformers in time to energy provider

MGM Transformer successfully delivered in time two 1000KVA liquid filled substation transformers to large energy provider EPP. The transformers needed to be completed, tested, and shipped within a very tight window.

MGM Transformers installed
at US Steel

MGM’s transformers were able to provide the even power
load that US Steel needed in order to secure clean power for
their steel mill.

When US Steel needed to find a transformer manufacturer
that could design and build a transformer to provide clean
power for an existing mill that was being fitted…

Transformers for Green Energy installed at HMT Technology

HMT Manufacturing encountered inverter problems while transferring to green energy for this facility. The right MGM Transformer solved the problem! HMT Manufacturing, located in North Chicago, IL began in 1972 by coating polyester edge; banding with hot melt adhesive.

MGM designs and manufactures a low-profile transformer for underground mining

In this project it was necessary to fit a 2000 KVA transformer into an existing frame of a power center which is used to power the electrical equipment found deep in underground mining. When AC Power Tech of Belle Vernon PA. searched for a reliable transformer manufacture…

Houston’s Wortham Theater reopens its doors after Hurricane Harvey in record time.

Behind the scenes MGM Transformer Co. was working with major equipment suppliers to design and deliver transformers in record time for the theater to reopen. When the Nationally acclaimed Wortham Theater in Houston TX was closed by severe…