HMT Manufacturing encountered inverter problems while transferring to green energy for this facility. The right MGM Transformer solved the problem!

HMT Manufacturing, located in North Chicago, IL began in 1972 by coating polyester edge; banding with hot melt adhesive. Over time, they gained valuable experience and increased their coating operation to include wood, PVC, paper to paper, vinyl to PVC, and vinyl to paper. In addition, HMT began to design and manufacture custom laminating equipment.

Recently HMT announced that 100% of its hot melt products are produced using solar and wind power. A wind turbine and 3,500 square feet of new solar panels on the roof of their facility generate enough electricity to power all the infrastructure needed to produce their hot melt adhesives.

HMT was experiencing multiple power resets on their inverters due to an uneven power source. They contacted Steve Borhnell of Goodman electric who suggested an MGM isolation transformer. Working with MGM they configured the correct transformer to resolve the problem. Once installed HMT hasn’t experienced any further issues with the inverters and are producing product using solar energy.

Other companies talk about being “green” or “being committed to the environment” but HMT has invested in the future of our planet. The expected payback is less than five years, but the bigger payoff is the reduced impact on future generations.

When you use HMT adhesives in your product, you are using solvent-free, toxin-free, VOC-free material made with solar power.

In the picture left, Glen Bennett of HMT and Steve Bohrnell of Goodman Electric stand beside a MGM 180 KVA Isolation Transformer used to deliver clean power to the Inverters in the solar loop.

The picture on the right shows 35,000 square feet of solar panels on the roof of HMT as well as the only wind generator in North Chicago. HMTs location next to Lake Michigan makes its feasible to produce wind power.