“Damage” and “Claims” are four letter words in the world of freight shipping and can be a real headache to customers and logistics coordinators alike. On both the outbound and receiving end, there are always ways in which we can reduce these risks and help keep freight damage to a minimum.

Concealed Damage claims are the most difficult to obtain from a carrier – simply due to the fact that it’s hard to notate on a bill of lading upon receiving of the freight. A concealed damage claim occurs when the receiver is opening a box or container and discovers damage inside or missing components.

April of 2021, we committed to palletizing all AS (Custom) orders. We did see a decrease in freight claims; however, we felt the need to take it a step further. Moving forward we will be providing heavy duty carboard boxes to protect the exterior shell of all AA and AS products.

All pertinent information will be on the exterior of the box along with the tip & tale to show if the transformer had been mishandled. The boxes will be marked to clearly spell out no stacking is allowed (even though we tested these, and they are stackable) along with other MGM brand specific markings.

MGM Transformer is committed to making continual improvements in all aspects of our processes. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority and feedback received is taken seriously. This change in our packaging process will reduce the amount of freight claims and minor external scuffs and scratches.

MGM Transformer Company is the largest transformer company in the western United States, offering a complete line of transformers (both dry type and liquid filled) with a product range is from 10kVA to greater than 10MVA. Please contact us at 323-726-0888 for more information.