Message from MGM Transformer regarding corona virus

It’s been an extraordinary 3 weeks for all of us in the electrical industry and as we begin to settle into a new way of interacting with each other. We want to share the latest from MGM with you, our friends and front line to our customers.


MGM’s number one priority has been and will always be the welfare of our people. We are doing our best to ensure employees at home and in the office are kept up to date on safety and hygiene standards. We have procedures in place for employees to monitor their health and practice the recommendations of organizations such as the CDC.


MGM Transformers has been designated an essential supplier providing power and power components to infrastructure and critical applications such as hospitals, industrial plants, retailers etc. which are all necessary to provide the daily necessities of life as well as in many cases directly help to fight the pandemic. As a designated supplier we have been exempt from the shelter in pace ordinances taking effect across the country and we are open and working normal business hours every day. Where possible we have switched some employees to working remotely but in our manufacturing operation it requires daily attendance at the physical plant to stack, wind, assemble and ship transformers. As you all know, we do it all both in Mexico and here in Southern California.


Mindful that this situation will come to an end at some point we are already looking at plans to adjust production to meet any spikes in demand that may occur and make sure we are ready to respond to you and the market.


For many salespeople remote interaction has been a way of life for a long time. But for those working remotely for the 1st time and not having the ability to physically meet with customers it can be challenging and a bit lonely. Try not to limit your interactions to strictly digital. Personal phone calls, video chats are all ways to stay personally connected every day. We are all just a few digits on your phone away and in this together with you. Everyone at MGM appreciates all you do for us every day!


Thanks for your continued support in this uncertain time. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact our MGM staff at 1-800-423-4366.