MGM Top Agents receive Sales recognition awards at NEMRA 2019

NEMRA (National Electrical Manufacturer Representative Association) held its annual conference in Dallas Texas on February 6-9. This annual conference provides an excellent opportunity for agents across the country to meet and discuss common issues and provides the forum for agents to meet one-on-one with their principal manufacturers.
At this year’s MGM General Briefing session, MGM was able to meet with all their LV reps from across the country. A presentation was given to the group highlighting the state of the company, including new products introduced last year, competitive challenges, and sales expectations for the coming year. 
A high point of this session was the presentation of Sales Awards.
This year MGM was proud to present several awards for Outstanding Sales Achievements in 2018.
– McGee Company from Southern Ca.
– EMMCO& Associates of Houston TX.
– GT Sales of Salt Lake City UT.
– Switchgear Solutions of NJ/ NY
– Healy Mattos of Northern CA.
At the conclusion of the award presentations MGM presented each agent present with a check to buy lunch with their inside staff for all the work they do for MGM to keep the orders flowing while everyone was out of town at the conference. It was our way to acknowledge the work they do on our behalf every day.
The week was filled with formal and informal meetings centered around necessary products and actions needed to achieve our aggressive goals for 2019. Over the course of three days MGM met with each agent one-on-one to discuss 2018 performance and what needs to be done to help them achieve the expectations MGM has for their respective markets moving into 2019.

The general feeling of the conference was optimistic about a continuation of the strong levels of business we’ve seen over the past 18 months.Congratulations to all the award winners and to all of the MGM agents who continually strive to sell more transformers.
Next years conference will be held in during the 1st week of February at Orlando’s world center. We’re looking forward to adding more award winners to the list!
MGM toast a group of MGM agents on the opening night of the NEMRA conference. Pictured is: Chris Kaveh, MGM, Nathan Regalado, Healy Mattos, Tim Lahtinen Mulcrone & Associates, Aaron Passey, Healy-Mattos, Other side: Bruce Hoekstra MGM, John Smith, Gressier Sales, Jon Efurd, Mulcrone & Associates, Gary Stachelski, MGM