MGM Transformer Company is excited to announce that they have expanded their stock SKUs to include several commonly requested voltage configurations.  MGM will now offer the following as stock units, in 15-150kVA:

Voltage                                  Alt Code            

  • 208D – 480Y/277                    GD
  • 240D – 480Y/277                    CD
  • 480D – 480Y/277                    AD
  • 208D – 208Y/120                    GB

What is a step-down transformer?

A step-down transformer is one which has a primary voltage that is higher than the secondary voltage. To illustrate, let’s say your company receives 3-phase 480v power from the power company, but you have a piece of equipment that requires 208v 3-phase power. To make this work, you need a step-down transformer to convert the 480v power to 208v to run your machine with the right voltage.

What is a step-up transformer?

A step-up transformer is one which has a primary voltage that is lower than the secondary voltage. In this case, let’s say your building is wired with 208v but you need 480v to power a large machine, you would need a step-up transformer to boost the voltage from 208v to 480v.

Commonly requested KVA (30-150 KVA) inventory are now available in select regional warehouses including Ohio, PA, Florida and Texas. For clients, please make sure to check with your Regional Sales Manager, or the Stock team to verify availability.