MGM Transformer Company has worked with Underwriters Laboratory (UL) to create the ALL NEW UL Energy Verification mark. If you see this mark it means that UL has verified that the units’ efficiencies are up to the standard set forth by the Department Of Energy.


UL Energy-Leaf


UL has the resources, the man-power and the know-how to inspect and test transformers. To put it plainly, due to a lack of industrywide testing we petitioned UL to step in place of the DOE and become the defacto police for the DOE standard and we are happy to announce that they agreed. Our goal is to make sure manufacturers are held accountable to the DOE standard and that customers get what they pay for. If your product has the mark above you can rest assured it lives up to the standard.


The DOE did a good job of creating the DOE16 standard but it had an inherent flaw in that it lacked any enforcement mechanism to verify that manufacturers live up to the standard that they created. Unfortunately, some manufacturers have taken advantage of this and have made and sold product(s) that simply do not conform to the DOE standard.  These companies are profiting from unsuspecting customers and we want to put an end to it. To make things worse, those same customers will be paying higher energy costs for the life of those units….and the life is generally shorter since they also run hot.

We are proud to say that we’re one of the first transformer companies that have been certified with this new standard.  As of May 2018, all MGM low voltage transformer quotes under 500KVA will display the new UL Energy Verified logo above.  This certification means that our products were tested and comply with the legal energy requirements of US and Canada.   This is a great differentiation and selling point when comparing us to other companies who do not comply with the US energy requirements.

For over 40 years, quality has been our focus at MGM Transformer.  Our partnership with Underwriter’s Laboratory is just the latest in our efforts to ensure that our customers get the highest levels of efficiency and longevity out of our products.  We are proud to be an industry leader in maintaining the integrity of the marketplace.