Buck-Boost transformer is a specialty type of encapsulated transformer used in applications where slight voltage adjustments are needed to supply proper voltages. Voltage adjustments are typically in the range of 5-20% voltage above or below actual supply voltages. Bucking application is to adjust voltage from high to low and Boosting application is to adjust voltage from low to high. Buck-Boost transformers provide an economical, efficient, and versatile solution to voltage mismatches.


Part Number Selection:

Part numbers can be easily selected by using our buck-boost selector tool. To use the tool you can simply enter the Supply Voltage, Load KVA or Amp, and Load Voltage and you’ll receive a part number and wiring diagram customized for your exact use case. You can download the selector on the MGM website by following this link:

Future Offerings:

MGM will continue to expand its product offerings in buck boost and encapsulated product lines so stay tuned for additional newsletters. If you have any questions or inquiries please don’t hesitate to reach out at info@mgmtransformer.com or visit our website at www.mgmtransformer.com.