MGM recently announced the addition of another offering to continue growing our product/service portfolio. Starting in February, MGM has partnered up with NETA Certified Service Providers to offer full field acceptance testing. As a bonus, for a limited time if a customer purchases a Field Acceptance Test, MGM will add an additional 1 year of product warranty for free.  


Details of the new service can be found on this infographic which outlines MGM’s qualifications as well as the tests that will be completed during the Acceptance Test.  



There are a few key things to note about this new offering that set MGM apart from competitors:


• OEMs (e.g., General Electric, Siemens) are unable to qualify for a NETA Certification. This certification, which is the highest in the industry, is limited to Service Providers

• Our partnerships allow us to serve the entire United States. That level of reach is rare amongst regional manufacturers.

• Our Service offering is expected to provide deeper insights into our customer buying patterns and upcoming projects.

• Given our industry-leading installed base, we’ve negotiated competitive pricing for the full lineup of acceptance tests.  


For inquiries, reach out directly at (323) 726-0888 or via email at