MGM recently launched Transformer University, our internally-developed Learning Management System. Within the first 24 hours after the launch, we’ve already seen over 50 logins and nearly 200 completed courses!

The purpose of Transformer University to equip stakeholders, both internal and external, with technical knowledge, tools, and actionable insights needed to sell transformers. Currently Transformer University includes courses on Transformer Basics, Transformer Specifications, Transformer Components, and a teaser on our next course covering best practices on ‘How to Sell MGM Transformers’.

The course on ‘How to Sell MGM Transformers’ will be especially exciting. We’ve collected best practices from across our network of 20+ sales representatives and 45+ years of direct selling experience and distilled the sales tactics into 15 discrete levers. You can rest assured that these levers have been fully vetted in the field with demonstrated success. Look out of the next few months for additional details and training videos that provide deep dives into each tactic.

We’re excited to share this content with everyone in our network, and doubly excited to give out promotional gear to whichever agency completes the most courses over the first month after the launch!

Please contact or call our MGM staff at 1-800-423-4366 for more information.