MGM Transformer Company is one of only two companies in North America that can supply both oil-filled and dry-type substation transformers.  Often, when a project calls for units of each type, that places MGM in a position of strength relative to those who specialize in one type.

A recent project on the  Minneapolis Green Line Metro Transit to connect the communities of Eden Prairie,
Minnetonka, Hopkins, St. Louis Park and Minneapolis required just that – oil-filled transformers alongside
dry-type – as they sought to replace existing oil-filled while expanding with dry-type substations. MGM recently delivered on each allowing them to place their first light rail transit tracks this month.
Here are photos of each type of unit that were each designed, manufactured, and tested in our Commerce, California facility. Having everything completed in on location allowed the customer to perform Witness and Factory Acceptance Tests without traveling to / auditing multiple facilities.

If you see a spec-sheet that calls for both types of substations, please don’t hesitate. If you need any more
information about our dry or oil-filled offerings, you can find everything you need at or

MGM Transformer Company is the largest transformer company in the western United States, offering a complete line of transformers (both dry type and liquid filled) with a product range is from 10kVA to greater than 10MVA. Please contact us at 323-726-0888 for more information.