When transformers fail, the stakes can be high. Transformer failures lead to power outages, factory downtime, and, depending on what is the load on the transformer, determines how widespread and how critical the outage will be. A question we often get, therefore, is, “Can transformers be monitored to identify faults before an actual failure occurs?” For MGM transformers…the answer is…YES!

MGM offers 3” or 4” Infrared (IR) windows as an optional add-on for all our GP cases! This allows customers to perform condition-based maintenance to detect loose connections, crimps, and cable creepage to avoid a transformer failure or unplanned power interruption. The preventive maintenance schedule the IR windows enable also facilitates replacement and budget planning for the company.

Here are the key benefits when you choose to include and IR window on your transformer:

  • Improved safety- Reduces the risk of injury to electrical workers who performs inspections
  • Maintenance time reduced – The need to de-energize transformers to perform inspections is decreased. IR windows allows visual inspection easily.
  • Cost-Effective – Labor hours and time saved to de-energize and dismantle the enclosure to look inside of transformers.
  • Convenience – Quick views of inside the enclosure without the need to remove any panel.

If you have any questions or inquiries please don’t hesitate to reach out at info@mgmtransformer.com