MGM provides custom built dry and or liquid filled transformers specifically for the mining industry, designed by industry leading experienced engineers for the unique requirements of mine duty transformers. Our knowledgeable staff, manufacturing standards and experience will provide a reliable, cost-effective transformer that will provide years of trouble free service.



Traction rated transformers are critical components in the traction chain, affecting both train performance and operator services. MGM supplies traction substation transformers for High-speed, commuter and regional trains and Transit/Traction. In general, electricity is distributed along track as DC current.  Converted to AC on trains to drive motors.  500VDC – 1500VDC is typical range.  These transformers are typically located in either indoor or outdoor traction substations.



Simply put, a grounding transformer is used to provide a ground path to either an ungrounded “Y” or a delta connected system.  They are used to provide a relatively low impedance path to ground, limit the magnitude of transient over voltages when re-striking ground faults occur, provide a source of ground fault current during line to ground faults and permit the connection of phase to neutral loads if desired.



MGM had been approved by the largest automobile manufacturers to build custom dry type transformers for the Electric Vehicles (EV) charging industry.  Our EV transformers are designed by industry leading experienced engineers for the unique requirements of EV charging stations. The total number of electrically powered cars worldwide reached some 3.2 Million in early 2018. That’s a 55 % increase over the previous year and MGM is ready!