In the late 1970’s General Electric went to market with a transformer design called ‘VaporTran’. VaporTran used a dielectric coolant called R-113, also known as ‘Freon’, In the 70’s this was an effective replacement for PCB due to its performance characteristics and non-flammable nature.


With global concerns about damage to the ozone layer, Freon is being phased out worldwide. In the United States, the US Environmental Protection Agency will make Freon illegal on January 1, 2020. As these transformers are coming to the end of their usable life, factories with Vapor Tran transformers are faced with not only replacement of the transformer but also the removal and disposal of the Vapor Tran units. Remember these existing units can not be refilled or repaired.


Replacing old VaporTran transformers presents unique challenges:


1. The replacement transformer needs to be designed to fit within the narrow space left by the old Vapor Tran unit. MGM can Design and Build a retro fit replacement.


2. The replacement transformer could be dry type or oil filled. MGM, unlike any other manufacturer, is capable of designing and manufacturing either.


3. Disposing the old VaporTran unit must follow EPA regulations. MGM has service partners across the country that can offer full removal and disposal, services.


These are challenges we accept every day. Not only can we match dimensions with existing units, but in some cases, depending on design constraints we may be able to up size the kVA.


If you know there are industrials in your area that have VaporTran transformers, reach out to let them know you can replace those when ready. When they are ready, contact MGM for more information and a free quote.

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