Siemens is introducing the company’s first U.S. offering that allows utilities and generation owners to lease a PRETACT® Plug & Play GSU Resilience Transformer when it is needed for outage or emergency response.

With this on-demand access, asset owners can quickly replace an out-of-service transformer across several voltage ratings and configurations to restore power quickly for customers.

The GSU Resilience Transformer is easy to load and ship and its plug and play bushings do not require time consuming installation. The transformer is also designed with environmentally-friendly synthetic ester fluid so it can be installed near water or other sensitive areas.

The Pretact® concept of Siemens Transmission Products was introduced to maximize the resilience of modern power grids. It has a comprehensive set of modular features to prevent and protect transformers and high-voltage products better from both the operational issues and also against natural disasters or forced outages. In addition, highly flexible “mobile resilience units” provide a possibility of quick reaction in case of an emergency or planned maintenance.

Source: Siemens, Transformer Magazine