MGM Prepaid Freight Policy Announcement

Starting April 20th, 2020 MGM will implement a $1,000 prepaid freight policy for our low voltage stock products within all stocking locations and shipping territories.

We are very excited to announce this policy change. Over the last several years we’ve been diligently listening to our customers and agents in the field who have made this suggestion. Due to our recent growth and expansion, we’re well positioned to take this industry-leading step to reduce the freight costs across our value chain.

MGM is committed in providing value through product quality, ease of doing business and customer support. We appreciate your business and look forward to continuing and expanding our partnership. We will continue to listen to your feedback and make improvements that support our mutual goals.

Please contact or call our MGM staff at 1-800-423-4366 for more information. 


Agent spotlight: EMMCO is one of the leading agencies serving south Texas for MGM

In 2019 Emmco celebrated the milestone of 40 years in business in the South Texas market and their 21st year representing MGM. We are proud to have been associated with them since 1998 and continue to look at a bright future working mutually to increase market share in that South Texas market.


Located in Houston, EMMCO serves their customer base from a 30,000 sq. Ft. warehouse and Headquarters facility where they stock MGM inventory for their local market and offer stock assistance to nearby trade areas. Along with an inventory of complementary products, EMMCO reinforces the agent model of bring increased value to their distribution base with a multitude of products and services.


With a staff of fourteen, Six outside salespeople. Six inside sales and two running all the logistics of the warehouse. EMMCO has a very large presence in the south Texas market.


Under the direction of Principles Rick Faught and Greg Pulido on the outside and Operations manager Tim Smith on the inside EMMCO continues to be recognized for their strong pre and post-sale activities.


If you have chance, check them out at or shoot Rick or Greg an e-mail.