Mike Smith – Constellium

Each of the units we purchased had to be custom designed to fit in a specific location. The engineering team was given all of the dimensions to match and each one of the units fit in the locations like a glove. No modifications needed. Just shows the level of expertise that MGM has on staff.All of the people at MGM are super to work with and they all play a part in the success. This starts with the president and flows all the way down to the shop floor personnel.If you are looking for a company to purchase a new transformer from then look no further. These folks are “THE BEST” !!!!!! Never have to leave messages because someone is always there that can talk to you about any type of unit you need. Sales staff is top notch and know their product line. Engineering is second to none. Even the folks that arrange all of the shipping know the products. The president, Patrick, is a gentleman in every way and has assembled a team that can get you what you want and when you need it.

THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!