When US Steel needed to find a transformer manufacturer that could design and build a transformer to provide clean power for an existing mill that was being fitted with upgraded drives they turned to MGM Transformer. US Steel recently put into service an upgraded rotary rolling mill which makes hollow seamless tubing. The process for creating U.S. Steel seamless pipe begins with continuous cast round billets heated in a rotary hearth furnace where temperatures exceed 2,300°F. The preheated billets are then processed through two piercing mills and a plug rolling mill to increase both diameter and length. This process also reduces wall thickness. Pipes larger than 16” OD are reheated and sent through a rotary rolling mill, which uses large discs to expand the hot tubes increasing the diameter. Rotary rolling can produce pipe as long as 45 feet.


This picture shows the probe that is driven through the super-heated steel rod to produce a seamless tube as part of the milling process at US Steel in Loraine OH.


Integrated Mill Systems, who was managing the project for US Steel, was aware they needed a partner that could meet the engineering challenges and demanding specifications of US Steel. The transformers of MGM, integral in the process to provide even power loads, were designed and built to US Steel exacting specifications, to power the drives that control this process. Once the designs were completed and the transformers were manufactured, tested and delivered, US Steel was very satisfied with the delivered product and the decision to choose MGM Transformer.


Kevin Wingard of Integrated Mill systems checks the status of the MGM manufacturing process, while Dave Schmidt of US Steel inspects one of the three coils contained in the US Steel transformer.

A team of MGM engineers shows Kevin Wingard of IMS and Dave Schmidt of US Steel the testing procedures that their transformers will go through.


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